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For the pleasure of mixing...


Soul Funk - Rock


Electro Swing & House

Passionate about mixing genres and various musical styles, DJ Blar (aka Jiblar) shears and weaves together music from just about everyone and from everywhere.


World Music, Roots, Hip-Hop, Rock UK & 70's, Trip Hop, Soul-Funk, Electro


It started in parties with friends twenty years ago, then quickly in public on small stages in the city of Rennes (France).

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Scheduled during evenings in bars in the Breton region: 1988 Live Club, Run ar Puns , Au Tour Du Monde Lorient, Au Parc des BoisO Flaherty's, L'AmaryllisZola-BarAvec & Co (''Rockin' Fridays''), White Fields (''Open Format'' and ''Retro Disco''), BDS Rennes and Vern (''Friday Break'', ''Good Vibes Only''), Le Mange DIsque, La Cavale, La Musette, La Sonette  ...

You could also see him behind his turntables at festivals: Teenage kicksLe Before, Jardin 564 x Exporama (Rennes), Moment'Temps (Montauban), Festazaon (29), Les Prés sur Terre (56).

He multiplied rich artistic collaborations with musical artists (deejays, beatmakers, musicians); but also through projects more oriented ''urban culture'' ...

 ... and created, among others, the duo ''Sax My Deejay'' in 2020, the street art festival ''Le Before'' (since 2018), the webradio ''La Vilaine Radio'', the ''Open Mic des Gayeulles'', the association ''You Need It'' (crew of artists and organization of events).

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