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Mix @La Sonette Redon

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

To end this beautiful summer, we decided to invite all the neighbors who work by bike to converge in Redon for a festive weekend. Don't forget to register on weezevent, it's free!

! Friday the 26th August !

19h: « funky / old School / 70’s-80’s vibes » with DJ BLAR

! Saturday the 27th August !

10h00 : Ride - Brunch - Ride

16h30 : happening « POLICHINELLE CONTRE-ATTAQUE ! » from the Cie Rouge Bombyx

18h : « Michpolienne » (contes & chansons)

20h : Live Show _ DJUSU (afro-fusion électro-rock)

DJUSU or "the heart" in Malinké, is a pretty secret from Nantes City which tends to fade. It must be said that we would be surprised otherwise, in view of the inhabited performances of the trio, where electric guitar, n'goni and calabashes revolve around the dances and powerful songs of Evelyne Mambo. Raw and piercing rock-psych references that feed "afro peppers" fed with M'balax, Highlife or Rumba and a result that no aficionado of the late Tony Allen would deny An explosive groove that is both traditional, electro and rock!

Bonus : A bottle will be offered on Saturday for each cargo bike present.

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