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OMG#01 _ Open Mic @ Les Gayeulles

Thank you everyone for participating in the first edition of the Open Mic in Les Gayeulles.

Big up to all the participants of this open stage The ranking OMG#01 #1 - LBLK @lblk_off #2 - Dias Demha #3 - Babzoo #4 - Keda @keda_vibes #5 - Peliz @pelizontop #6 – LostHumanRap #7 - V.O @_v.o_off #8 - Démozina #9 - Djai Rox @djai.rox #10 - Antoine #11 - Éliora #12 - Nitram @nitram_bzh #13 - Skinny S @skinny_s_booyy #14 - Arosh @penalty and gold #15 - Alkioz @alkiozofficiel

The lots The winnings of the first 3 OMG #01 winners: - 1st place: The Gold vinyl trophy, a qualifying place for the OMG grand final, the broadcast of a title of his composition with a dubplate jingle on Vilaine Radio (duration of 1 month)* _ 2nd place: The silver vinyl trophy, a Punchline collection + RAP Game booklet _ 3rd place: The bronze vinyl trophy, notebook, text collection, 1 CD of your choice from an on-site selection A big thank you to our Jury: _ Msath - MC, DMZ _ Tibo - programmer of Don Jigi Festival _ Arnofantomas Selecta - La Vilaine Radio, DJ et music producer _ Francois - Cie Primitif, breakdancer _ applause meter : Gwen - YNI et La VIlaine Radio An event co-produced by the associations @youneedit.asso and @dmz__music, and warmly welcomed by the entire team of the tavern @au_parc_des_bois Our next events: OMG #02: June 26 OMG #03: July 24 OMG#04 _ The Big Finale: September 2 Thanks to Mathieu Morel @supermorel for these amazing photos… as usual Thanks to the @asarue.asso network for producing the trophies See you on June 26, registrations still open… stay tuned MC’s One Love

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